“The bottom line is I am an Organizational Coach. Working with my clients in either groups or one on one, we successfully co-create what is known as a Conscious Business, embracing a logical and deployable mix of Conscious Capitalism, Change Management and a simple, straightforward 5 step model called Practical Leadership.  This approach enables leaders and teams to work together for success, and quite simply, it just works.  Practical Leadership includes the uncomplicated application of known critical leadership and team functions to enable an organization to accomplish goals and build a sustainable and fulfilling future.”

Bob Freese

After 18 years of intensive corporate growth and experience, Bob decided to focus on helping clients develop the fundamental architecture of their organization to enable success at all levels.  In 1997, he formed the Opportunity Group, where his tag line always has read, and still is ‘Turning Opportunity Into Reality.’ Within the first year, Bob was working closely with groundbreaking behavior specialists and seminal researchers such as Dr. Otto Kroeger, Dr. Roger Pearman and others.  Their perspective proved invaluable as Bob proceeded to build a powerful portfolio focusing on dynamic human behavioral development and its application to success for organizational leadership and teams.

With extensive research and application, Bob has developed and co-authored the powerfully dynamic Practical Leadership model.  He also supports Practical Leadership with a number of programs building organizational and leadership progress including such topics as proactive and engaging change management, understanding limiting fears (with Dr. Will Sparks of the McColl School of Business, Queens University), communication, emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation as well as other challenging topics.

Bob is often sought to both consult with and enable learning for a broad spectrum of people from a myriad of organizations and has been blessed to train in seven different countries.  In the near past, he successfully drove the change and training efforts for a worldwide ERP implementation effecting 3,200 people in 30 countries. 

He firmly believes that the next big thing is the co-creative engagement of our mutual human potential.  This enables us to solve any problem and build any opportunity we desire to create.

Bob is currently working on his third mystery novel as part of a trilogy (JOURNEY, The Love Story of the Century), and writing the Practical Leadership Engagement Model handbook.